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Some people feel the rain others just get wet Bob Marley


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A Quick Guide to Clouds


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Without Libraries What Have We?


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17 Ağustos 1999 #17Ağustos1999


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To the memory of Robin Williams


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Library cake art


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The first 24-hour library vending machine in the US (Oklahoma)


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Books on Book Covers #bookcovers #books

  • The economical, understated writing style of Ernest Hemingway is renowned within the literature world. Now, there’s a Windows and Mac app to help you nail the American author’s approach. Simply called the Hemingway Editor, this $4.99 app will grade your work for ‘readability’ and is able to identify sentences that are hard to read, contain too many adverbs, or terms that should be simplified.

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BitLit (Read whenever, however) @BitLitMedia

  • BitLit is an app that lets you get an eBook, for a print book you already own, for free or at a discounted price. Once you’ve downloaded your eBook, you can read it on any of your eReading devices: Kobo, Nook, Kindle, iPad, or even on your smartphone.

App Store:

Google Play:


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Cheers #fun #beer


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Thunderstruck (AC/DC cover) by Steve’n’Seagulls

  • Finnish band called Steve’n’Seagulls plays AC/DC’s awesome song called Thunderstruck. Recorded by Jaakko Manninen Photography.

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Enfes Bir An #enfesbiran


  • Aileden kalma bir gelenekle, hayatımın birçok güzel anında Efes her zaman yanımdaydı. Bira hep bu kapağın altındaydı herkes gibi benim için de… Sokakta, evde arkadaşlarla, tatilde, hafta içi, hafta sonu… sevgilimden ayrıldığımda da, kötü günümde de… benim için hepsi enfes birer andı, iyi ki yaşamışım. Sonra anılarımıza, an’larımıza bir müdahale oldu. Ben de herkesin orada burada paylaştığı enfes anlarını toplamaya karar verdim. En iyi bildiğim yerde, internette. Yapmanız gereken özel bir şey yok. Siz sadece enfesbiran’ınızı yaşayın. Gerisi burada birikecek.

pugedon01 (1)

Pugedon Akıllı Geridönüşüm Kutular, sokak hayvanları ve yaban hayatının yaşamını kolaylaştıracak ürünler tasarlar, ekolojik yaşama destek verir.

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How a New Dutch Library Smashed Attendance Records

  • Facing declining visitors and uncertainty about what to do about it, library administrators in the new town of Almere in the Netherlands did something extraordinary. They redesigned their libraries based on the changing needs and desires of library users and, in 2010, opened the Nieuwe Bibliotheek (New Library), a thriving community hub that looks more like a bookstore than a library. Guided by patron surveys, administrators tossed out traditional methods of library organization, turning to retail design and merchandising for inspiration. They now group books by areas of interest, combining fiction and nonfiction; they display books face-out to catch the eye of browsers; and they train staff members in marketing and customer service techniques. The library is also a Seats2meet (S2M) location where patrons are empowered to help one another in exchange for free, permanent, coworking space, and they utilize the S2M Serendipity Machine to connect library users in real-time. They also have a bustling cafe, an extensive events and music program, a gaming facility, a reading garden and more. The result? The New Library surpassed all expectation about usage with over 100,000 visitors in the first two months. It is now considered one of the most innovative libraries in the world. Shareable connected with Roy Paes, manager of the library’s Science Desk, and his colleague Marga Kleinenberg, to learn more about the inspiration for the library, its transformation into a thriving third place, and some of the library’s forward-thinking offerings.

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İyi sürücü hareketi #İyiSürücüHareketi


  • Kötü sürücülerden hepimiz şikayet ediyoruz. Peki iyi sürücülere teşekkür ediyor muyuz?

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Dropr (The easy online portfolio)

  • Dropr is the easier, simpler and faster way to manage portfolios and connect with creatives. We aim to create the portfolio of the future for all creatives. We think sharing finished work still takes too much time and effort and so it’s often put off for later – while sharing stuff as soon as it’s finished is very important these days. We basically want to give a creative person a package which will let them market themselves online in a minimum amount of time and money and maximum element of fun.

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Gezi’den bugüne BirGün manşetleri (13 Haziran 2014)

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Erdek (Turkey) by Hülya Çinko Tekgül


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Endless shampooing #fun


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500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art #art


  • I’ve often felt that ebook prices from certain major publishers were tantamount to highway robbery. Thanks to a new Chrome plugin we can now change that to high seas. A pirate ebook site by the name of LibGen released a Chrome extension early last month which makes it easy to browse the world’s largest bookstore and, rather than buy a book, downloaded a pirated copy of any ebook which interests them. When installed, the LibGen plugin modifies what a user sees on the Amazon website by inserting a new row of information near the top of the Amazon product page of books. The newly added info is drawn from the LibGen website , and it lists possible unauthorized sources where one might download the ebook.





We are pleased to announce the fourth annual LibraryCamp unconference, happening at Newcastle City Library on Saturday 13 September. The event is free and the theme is improving libraries. LibraryCamp is open to all – you don’t need to work in a library and we’d urge you to come and experience an unconference if you’ve not been before., especially if you work in a public library. It’s free to attend and there are no keynotes speakers – anyone can suggest, facilitate or lead a session and sessions can take many forms – workshops, show and tell, debate, how to, collaboration, hands on. Past sessions at LibraryCamp have included:

  • How to establish a unified online presence for UK public libraries
  • Demonstrating value of college libraries
  • Are public libraries safe under local authority control?
  • DRM is rubbish – How to strip the DRM from an ebook
  • How to run a Code Club and intro to Scratch
  • LibraryBox: filesharing in the wild
  • Developing a new library advocacy model
  • Open source software for libraries

A Brief History of the Origins of the Internet

  • For most of the us the internet has become part of daily life, but it had to come from somewhere. This board examines the birth of the internet and the pieces that made it part of the communication world today.

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