Posted by: bluesyemre | July 1, 2013

BookOS – The world’s largest ebook library (many pirated books available for free download)


  • Bookos is a webpage which has many pirated books available for free download. Authors whether independent or contracted to a publisher are being hurt financially by these pirates. Not all authors are rich, in fact, most make less that $10K a year.

Shut bookos down FB:

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  1. Pirate or not that awesome! :P

    • Damn right, Ioanna! For a great many of us, this is the only option for us to keep reading at all! See comment below.

  2. Gentlemen;

    Over my long lifetime, I have bought literally tens of thousands of books, ultimately painstakingly collecting most, or all of the stuff I most love to read. However, having developed macular degeneration, I find I can no longer read my printed treasures…the sole and only reason for my existence! The only way I can continue to read at all is to download the books from bookos and blow them up REALLY BIG on my 48″ IMac. The various lending libraries and public domain sites just do not contain the things I want to read. I am on Social Security and simply cannot begin to afford to repurchase even a tiny fraction of my printed library in the new electronic format from some mega-corporate succubus like Amazon…besides, I already bought the books once!

    I personally know of several dozen other persons in this situation in my tiny town of 10,000 souls alone. It stands to reason, then, that there must be many thousands of us throughout the world, who utterly depend upon this service for their only remaining source of pleasure and here you are doing your level best to fuck it up for all of us.

    Most of the authors I cherish are long dead and, I can assure you, not missing the added revenue too much at all. If I were amongst this hallowed group of departed scribes, I would just be happy that someone still gave a damn about my work!

    Do the expansive legally blind reading community a real big favor and get the hell off our backs right now, why don’t you! Thanks in advance for going away.

    Dr. Peter Remington Wesley
    Late of CSULB and U of O

  3. Authors can choose to delete its not pirate

  4. A lot of books and software are not available in my country and I can’t afford to buy them because they are grossly overpriced, – especially college textbooks. These free ebook sources have given me a wealth of knowledge. I doubt that that has hurt the pocket of textbook authors who are also researchers and full professors very much.

  5. By the way, who do you think uses these kinds of sites, you ignorant idiot? Evil people who just want a free ride all the time? People who use these sites actually need them. Think of people in undeveloped countries or poor people everywhere in the world. Books have become really expensive nowadays. And knowledge should be free, everyone deserves the right to knowledge, you can’t put a price tag on it. It should be available for everyone.

    By the way I don’t see how this is different from a regular library or people just sharing books. Like, if my friend has a book I’m interested in but I don’t feel its worth buying, I’ll just borrow it. Or has that become illegal also? Stuff like this article makes me so angry I can’t think clearly enough to make a normal sentence…

    If I ever write a book on some subject or a scientific paper I’m going to post it online myself so anyone can read it.

  6. i can open the site anyway…

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