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#Book bags from Kru Kru Studio


Handmade bags from Kru Kru Studio resemble famous literary classics. You can also request the custom bag based on the book you choose. A Moscow-based design studio Kru Kru offers hand-crafted bags that look like magnified hardcover books. If you were looking for a book-themed purse, you must have seen repurposed book clutches from Novel Creations. The bags crafted by Kru Kru are different. They are fully functional but designed in such a way that they look like books.

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How to use #Apostrophes #infographic


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#InternetCensorship around the world


Freedom on the Net 2015

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The 38 Essential #Istanbul #Restaurants


Few cities have the immense, intense character of Istanbul. It has been home to many nations, ethnicities, and cultures, all of which are reflected in the city’s cuisine. The dining options are infinite in their variety, from classic street carts to mind-blowing rooftop fine dining, a strong cup of Turkish coffee to surprising Turkish wines, a humble simit to perfect meatballs. Vibrant, delicious, bold, hip, yet subtle: beware, Istanbul can be addictive. As French antiquarian Petrus Gyllius wrote of Constantinople in 1561, “It seems to me that while other cities may be mortal, this one will remain as long as there are men on earth.” Istanbul — there is no place like it.

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#Bitlis İl Halk Kütüphanesi Tanıtım Filmi


Resimli çocuk kitapları kategorisinde hangi vitrine ya da rafa baksanız bir Feridun Oral kitabı görebilirsiniz. Oldukça üretken ve ürettikleri beğenilen bir sanatçı ile karşı karşıyayız. Üstelik sadece resimli çocuk kitabı alanında değil plastik sanatlar alanında da düzenli olarak açtığı sergilerle, şaşırtıcı ve ironik dünyasını izleyicilerle paylaşıyor. 1980’lerin ortalarından beri çocuk kitapları resimleyen Feridun Oral, ilerleyen yıllarda hikâyesini de kendi yazdığı kitaplarla çocukların karşısına çıktı. 1993 yılında UNESCO tarafından Tokyo`da düzenlenen Noma-Concour yarışmasında, yazıp resimlediği Ormandaki Ses adlı kitabıyla Runners-Up ödülünü; 2001 yılında ise Avrupalı İllüstratörler Bienali`nde Düş Kedileri adlı çalışmasıyla Onur Ödülü’nü alan sanatçının yazıp resimlediği çocuk kitapları yurt dışında, başta Minedition olmak üzere çeşitli yayınevleri tarafından yayınlandı. İngilizce, Almanca, Fransızca, Japonca ve başka dillerde çocuklarla buluştu.

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How People Use #Smartphones to Access #Information


This report is based on a research study conducted with Nielsen and commissioned by Knight Foundation to explore how people use mobile platforms for news.


Depending on whom you ask, Sci-Hub — the piracy network for academic journals — is either the Robin Hood of academic publishing or a parasite preying upon for-profit publishers. A lawsuit filed by Elsevier, the publishing giant, led to the suspension of one of Sci-Hub’s most prominent domain names last week, but the network continues to allow millions of academic articles to be downloaded around the world.

What do the authors of the papers think? Do they feel they’ve been ripped off? Are they flattered? After Science revealed the 10 most-downloaded papers on Sci-Hub, The Chronicle spoke to three authors whose articles appeared on the list.

There’s no obvious formula for a widely downloaded Sci-Hub article. Topics of popular papers range from wind-turbine tests to iron deficiencies. Publication dates of the 10 articles range from 2000 to 2015, but most of them were published more than five years ago. Some of the papers are kept behind journal paywalls; others, published through open-access models, are already available free.


A case study about the wrong turns taken during a redesign project and the impact of design-by-committee on team morale. In the spring of 2015 the WVU Libraries development team was called upon by the eResources committee to redesign their legacy Databases web application, which was first started in 1999 and moved to GitHub in 2010.

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#Legos: A New Frontier for #Libraries

Art librarian Megan Lotts

Art librarian Megan Lotts

Megan Lotts is not a “shushing” librarian. In fact, the Rutgers University librarian rather delights in the noise, conversation and mess at the Lego playing station she installed in the center of the university’s Art Library: It means that people are solving problems and learning to work as a team.

Accompanied by nearly 300 pounds of the popular colorful bricks, Lotts is on the forefront of redefining the educational role that libraries can play in their communities and aggressively spreading the message. She wants people to think of libraries as places where they can connect with others and pursue nontraditional methods of learning through “makerspaces” – creative physical outposts where those with similar interests can collaborate, invent and tackle problems with hands-on learning.

“Legos are a three-dimensional, common language that helps people unlock their imagination, communicate and build critical thinking skills,” Lotts says. “I have seen artists sit down with scientists at the station, talking and realizing how much they have in common.”

Since the station was installed in 2014, it has become Lotts’ catalyst for crowd-drawing events, contests, course assignments and workshops, such as a Block Party, “Create Your Ideal Lego Library” challenge and academic group problem-solving. One of her favorite moments occurred when she joined two Russian visitors at the station. “That was community at its finest: None of us spoke the others’ languages but we collaborated, built and shared an experience,” she says.


Recently we dusted off a Library Journal article from 1876 in which  Samuel Green speaks to the “Personal Relations Between Librarians and Readers.”* In a series of vignettes about the reference needs of patrons inspired by his time with the Worcester Free Public Library, Green describes scenes that parallel the needs of users today. 140 years later, everything about libraries has changed, except for the many things that are exactly the same.

Consider this bit of advice on helping readers search for information:

“…many persons who use a library have to be instructed in regard to the use of catalogues, and need practice before they can use them to the best advantage. Entries are overlooked. Discrimination is lacking for separating good books from those of little merit, and books adapted to the capacity and particular needs of the user from those which are unsuited to his requirements.”

Over the course of the article Green outlines four responsibilities the late-19th century library should master, all of which still apply today:

  • Teach people how to use the library
  • Answer readers’ questions
  • Promote the library within the community
  • Aid the reader in the selection of good books

How do we best bring these concepts from the 1870s to libraries in the digital age? Let’s look at the first two responsibilities, then focus in on numbers three and four next week.

Leyla ile Mecnun Tüm Bölümler



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Suna Kıraç Kütüphanesi Yeşil Elma Projesi

Değerli kullanıcılarımız, finallerinizin olduğu şu günlerde kütüphanemiz sizleri ve sağlığınızı düşünerek elma dağıtıyor olacak. Bu sayede enerjinizi koruyabilir, ağzınızı tadlandırabilirsiniz. Sizlerden tek ricamız yediğiniz elmaları sonrasında çöp kutularına atarak, kütüphanemizi temiz tutmanız olacak.

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  • Lontano


  • Cengiz Han - Rüzgar ve Ateş İmparatorluğu

    Cengiz Han – Rüzgar ve Ateş İmparatorluğu

  • Eyvallah 2

    Eyvallah 2

  • Cennete Gidemezsek Yandık!

    Cennete Gidemezsek Yandık!

  • Aşk 5 Vakittir

    Aşk 5 Vakittir

  • Galat-ı Meşhur - Doğru Bildiğiniz Yanlışlar

    Galat-ı Meşhur – Doğru Bildiğiniz Yanlışlar

  • Yabancı - Şahmeran

    Yabancı – Şahmeran

  • Türklerin Tarihi 2

    Türklerin Tarihi 2

  • Ev Yapımı Sihirli Değnek

    Ev Yapımı Sihirli Değnek

  • Buzda Yürüyüş / Münih-Paris

    Buzda Yürüyüş / Münih-Paris

  • Mutsuz Çocuklar Ülkesi

    Mutsuz Çocuklar Ülkesi

  • Ayasofya'nın Gizli Tarihi

    Ayasofya’nın Gizli Tarihi

  • Osmanlı'nın Şifreleri

    Osmanlı’nın Şifreleri

  • Kırmızı Saçlı Kadın

    Kırmızı Saçlı Kadın

  • Size Bir Sır Vereceğim

    Size Bir Sır Vereceğim

  • Lugat 365 - Bazı Kelimeler Çok Güzel

    Lugat 365 – Bazı Kelimeler Çok Güzel

  • Elveda Güzel Vatanım

    Elveda Güzel Vatanım

  • Olağanüstü Bir Gece

    Olağanüstü Bir Gece

  • Çok Hayal Kuran Çocuk

    Çok Hayal Kuran Çocuk

  • Sözün Eşiğinde

    Sözün Eşiğinde

  • Cezeri'nin Olağanüstü Makineleri (2 Cilt Takım)

    Cezeri’nin Olağanüstü Makineleri (2 Cilt Takım)

  • Tespih Ağacının Gölgesinde

    Tespih Ağacının Gölgesinde

  • Mücella


  • Şanzelize Düğün Salonu

    Şanzelize Düğün Salonu

  • Boğulmamak İçin

    Boğulmamak İçin

  • Derin Yapı

    Derin Yapı

  • Günübirlik Hayatlar

    Günübirlik Hayatlar

  • Nikola Tesla Kendini Anlatıyor

    Nikola Tesla Kendini Anlatıyor

  • Oyuncu Anne

    Oyuncu Anne

  • Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü

    Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü

  • Konstantiniyye Oteli

    Konstantiniyye Oteli

  • Türklerin Tarihi

    Türklerin Tarihi

  • Hayvanlardan Tanrılara - Sapiens

    Hayvanlardan Tanrılara – Sapiens

  • Mahalleden Arkadaşlar

    Mahalleden Arkadaşlar

  • Bülbülün Kırk Şarkısı

    Bülbülün Kırk Şarkısı

  • Mekanlar ve Olaylarıyla Hz. Muhammed'in Hayatı

    Mekanlar ve Olaylarıyla Hz. Muhammed’in Hayatı

  • Küçük Prens

    Küçük Prens

  • Fakat Müzeyyen Bu Derin Bir Tutku

    Fakat Müzeyyen Bu Derin Bir Tutku

  • Marslı


  • Bana İkimizi Anlat

    Bana İkimizi Anlat

  • Kafamda Bir Tuhaflık

    Kafamda Bir Tuhaflık

  • Mutlu Olma İhtimalimiz

    Mutlu Olma İhtimalimiz

  • Akıllı Türk Makul Tarih

    Akıllı Türk Makul Tarih

  • Kendini Aramak

    Kendini Aramak

  • Abim Deniz

    Abim Deniz

  • Sarayın Kutsalları

    Sarayın Kutsalları

  • Tesirsiz Parçalar

    Tesirsiz Parçalar

  • Bülbülü Öldürmek

    Bülbülü Öldürmek

  • Başarıya Götüren Aile

    Başarıya Götüren Aile

  • Yedi Güzel Adam

    Yedi Güzel Adam

  • Otomatik Portakal

    Otomatik Portakal

  • Gurur ve Önyargı

    Gurur ve Önyargı

  • Sineklerin Tanrısı

    Sineklerin Tanrısı

  • Böğürtlen Kışı

    Böğürtlen Kışı

  • İyi Hissetmek

    İyi Hissetmek

  • Küçük Kara Balık

    Küçük Kara Balık

  • Şeker Portakalı

    Şeker Portakalı

  • Göğe Bakma Durağı

    Göğe Bakma Durağı

  • Semerkant


  • Arapların Gözünden Haçlı Seferleri

    Arapların Gözünden Haçlı Seferleri

  • Sırça Köşk

    Sırça Köşk

  • Aylak Adam

    Aylak Adam

  • Kuyucaklı Yusuf

    Kuyucaklı Yusuf

  • İçimizdeki Şeytan

    İçimizdeki Şeytan

  • Kürk Mantolu Madonna

    Kürk Mantolu Madonna

  • Çavdar Tarlasında Çocuklar

    Çavdar Tarlasında Çocuklar

  • Değirmen


  • Sevda Sözleri - Bütün Şiirleri

    Sevda Sözleri – Bütün Şiirleri

  • Zamanın Kısa Tarihi

    Zamanın Kısa Tarihi

  • Sofie'nin Dünyası

    Sofie’nin Dünyası

  • Stratejik Derinlik

    Stratejik Derinlik

  • Bir Psikiyatristin Gizli Defteri

    Bir Psikiyatristin Gizli Defteri

  • Uçurtma Avcısı

    Uçurtma Avcısı

  • İknanın Psikolojisi

    İknanın Psikolojisi

  • Cesur Yeni Dünya

    Cesur Yeni Dünya

  • Kardeşimin Hikayesi

    Kardeşimin Hikayesi

  • Simyacı


  • Komünist Manifesto

    Komünist Manifesto

  • Hayvan Çiftliği

    Hayvan Çiftliği

  • Satranç


  • 1984


  • Kırmızı Pazartesi

    Kırmızı Pazartesi

  • Dönüşüm


  • Güneşi Uyandıralım

    Güneşi Uyandıralım

  • Bulantı


  • Yüzyıllık Yalnızlık

    Yüzyıllık Yalnızlık

  • Yabancı


  • Fareler ve İnsanlar

    Fareler ve İnsanlar

  • Kurtlarla Koşan Kadınlar

    Kurtlarla Koşan Kadınlar

  • Otostopçunun Galaksi Rehberi - Beşibiryerde

    Otostopçunun Galaksi Rehberi – Beşibiryerde

  • Momo


  • Siyasi Tarih - 1. Cilt - İlkçağlardan 1918'e

    Siyasi Tarih – 1. Cilt – İlkçağlardan 1918’e

  • Bu Ülke

    Bu Ülke

  • Tehlikeli Oyunlar

    Tehlikeli Oyunlar

  • Tutunamayanlar


  • Puslu Kıtalar Atlası

    Puslu Kıtalar Atlası

  • Etkili İnsanların 7 Alışkanlığı

    Etkili İnsanların 7 Alışkanlığı

  • Incognito - Beynin Gizli Hayatı

    Incognito – Beynin Gizli Hayatı

  • Senden Önce Ben

October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner ascended more than 24 miles above Earth’s surface to the edge of space in a stratospheric balloon. Millions across the globe watched as he opened the door of the capsule, stepped off the platform, and broke the speed of sound while free falling safely back to Earth. Felix set three world records that day—and inspired us all to reach beyond the limits of our own realities, and reimagine our potential to achieve the incredible.

GoPro was honored to be a part of this epic achievement, with seven HERO2 cameras documenting every moment. From the airless freeze of outer space, to the record-breaking free fall and momentous return to ground—see it all through Felix’s eyes as captured by GoPro, and experience this incredible mission like never before. No one gets you closer than this.

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Akademisyene mesai uygulanmaz kararı verildi


Nevşehir’de yaşanan olayda, bir öğretim görevlisine mesaiye geç geldiği veya erken ayrıldığı dolayısıyla uyarı cezası verildi. Açılan davada, Kayseri İdare Mahkemesi, Danıştay 8. Dairesinin 2015/5308 nolu kararını ilgi tutarak, akademisyenlere diğer memurlar gibi mesai uygulamasının yapılmayacağına karar verdi.

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#Phrases #parents should/shouldn’t use


The experience stack


Twenty-five years after the introduction of the World Wide Web, the Information Age is coming to an end. Thanks to mobile screens and Internet everywhere, we’re now entering what I call the “Experience Age.”

When was the last time you updated your Facebook status? Maybe you no longer do? It’s been reported that original status updates by Facebook’s 1.6 billion users are down 21 percent.

The status box is an icon of the Information Age, a period dominated by desktop computers and a company’s mission to organize all the world’s information. The icons of the Experience Age look much different, and are born from micro-computers, mobile sensors and high-speed connectivity.

The death of the status box is a small part of a larger shift away from information moving toward experience. What’s driving this shift? In short, the changing context of our online interactions, shaped by our connected devices.

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The #OpenAccess Spectrum (OAS) Evaluation Tool


The Open Access Spectrum (OAS) Evaluation Tool quantitatively scores journals’ degrees of openness. This independent measure can be of crucial benefit to authors, libraries, research funders, government agencies, and other interested parties. It offers a concrete, quantifiable mechanism to analyze publications’ policies. The OAS Evaluation Tool aims to provide unprecedented insight and transparency into scholarly journals’ degree of openness.

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Anatomy of songs by John Atkinson


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Bazı insanlar kitap okuma alışkanlığı edinememişlerdir. Ya çevrelerinden gelen kitap önerileri ona kitap okuma eylemine yaklaştıracak değerde değildir ya da içsel olarak okuma olayına uzak hisseder kendini. Fakat, bazı kitaplar vardır ki; aradaki uçurumları bir anda yok edecek kadar değerlidir, etki bırakır insanda. İşte bu kategoride değerlendirilmesi gereken ve okuyan insanın içini ısıtan 23 harika kitap!–707842

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The #Library Store (Library supplies and furniture)


The story of The Library Store™ began with Don and Marilyn Gunter and their family. A man with a vision, Don was an engineer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in manufacturing. Don spent many years developing unique, cost effective products for schools and libraries and felt that manufacturing top quality products was just a starting point. Offering customers “a bit more than expected” would be the key to his business’ success. From the beginning, customers received a few “extras” with their order; a small thank you gift, a 100% quality guarantee and a friendly smile.

Since 1983, the knowledgeable staff at The Library Store has diligently delivered high quality supplies and furnishings to libraries and schools nationwide and always with a friendly voice. As the business grew, so did the catalog. In 2012, the TLS catalog grew to over 628 pages and 35,000 products. Today, TreKon manufactures proprietary library products for The Library Store and many other distributors. The facilities of TreKon and The Library Store now occupy over 100,000 square feet of office, warehouse and manufacturing space.


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#AcademicPublishing Toward a New Model by Michael Satlow


The web, we all thought, was going to transform academic publishing. At the very least, it would make research far more accessible, lowering the cost and expanding the reach of publications. At most, it would fundamentally alter the nature of research itself, making it far more collaborative. In either case, though, academic publishing as we knew it was doomed.

Now, a decade later, as the web has fundamentally transformed so many areas of our lives, academic publishing is one area upon which its impact has been only modest at best. There are, it is true, a few open-access journals and many academics maintain blogs, but contrary to expectations, journal costs have soared and our writings remain perhaps less accessible, locked behind paywalls while libraries forgo buying print versions. While it is not difficult to understand why this has happened, a solution to it has been elusive.

Academics want their work to be widely accessible, but even more than that they want tenure, promotion, and raises. Most institutions base their evaluations on peer-reviewed publications, and they rely on the publishers themselves not only to disseminate research but also to maintain a credible peer-review system.




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