Posted by: bluesyemre | April 23, 2012

Thinking Through a Strategy for Digital Rights Management

A stereotypical caricature of a pirate.
  • Do unauthorized copies of a book take sales away from authorized copies? Or do unauthorized copies serve as promotional tools, actually increasing sales of authorized copies? Let’s do an imaginary experiment. We build an online store, which is accessible from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. The catalog of books is extensive; the titles number in the hundreds of thousands and cut across virtually every segment of book publishing. There is a very good search engine, and a prospective customer can easily find anything she is looking for. So Jane Doe does a search for “new novel by Beryl Drawbridge” and is brought to a page for “What Comes Next?” The page is clearly laid out, with extensive information about the book and the author. Ms. Doe decides she wants to read the book and is then directed to the appropriate place on the site to get it. 

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