Posted by: bluesyemre | June 12, 2012

The Problem of Discovery for Patron-driven Acquisitions (PDA)

 Investigation Discovery Europe
  • Patron-driven acquisitions (PDA) poses new marketing challenges for book publishers. In the traditional model, most of a publisher’s efforts are expended around the time of publication. Just prior to publication there is a period where interest in the book is generated by catalogues, social media, the distribution of review copies, and so forth; in the period immediately following publication, there is a strong effort to gain media coverage of the title. But over time the marketing effort tapers off. Titles continue to be listed in catalogues; sometimes new catalogues, online and off, are developed for specific audiences (e.g., a list of all works in anthropology for the anthropology mailing list), but a complete re-energizing of the marketing requires a new event. This could be the publication of a paperback or electronic version of the book or perhaps the creation of a new edition, replete with a new introduction and updates to the text. As the book ages in the marketplace, the marketing staff turns away, directing their attention to the many new books coming through the pipeline. Historically, publishers have not been overly concerned about the overall life cycle of the book. Post-publication, a book becomes the concern of libraries and the individuals who purchase it.

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