Posted by: bluesyemre | June 14, 2012

The New API: Apps, Partners, Income

  • APIs are no longer technical nice-to-haves. These three letters are being spoken in board rooms and used as the basis for business strategy. One place you can see the effects of API growing up is the sheer number in our directory. But big numbers only tell us so much. In our many discussions with API providers, we’ve noticed a pattern with how many are approaching their platforms. These threads point to an alternate meaning for API: Apps, Partners and Income. There’s no denying that much of the growth in APIs the last two years is thanks to mobile. Phones and other devices connect to consumers, but businesses are built on partnerships. APIs provide lubricant to make partnerships fast and easy. Companies are now discovering that an API can be a great way to increase revenue, sometimes even directly by selling access to the API.

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