Posted by: bluesyemre | July 9, 2012

Papers By Mekentosj – The End Of Endnote

  • Information is expanding at an astounding rate–according to the Economist growing tenfold every 5 years. In healthcare, a great deal of new knowledge is disseminated through peer-reviewed publications. Over the last 10 years, healthcare publication has changed from primarily paper based, to a blended model heavy on digital documents. Print journals remain for one reason only–to generate revenue for the publisher….ah, but I digress. Managing an electronic library of information in healthcare is a challenge. In addition to manuscripts one must keep track of online web pages, reports, news articles, and more.Twenty years ago, we would dedicate massive filing cabinets to keep track of our photocopied article library. With the advent of electronic publication, most of our information is now stored in a digital format–most commonly Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF).


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    Hope This Helps!


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