Posted by: bluesyemre | July 11, 2012

The Data Management Rollout at Oxford (DaMaRO) Project (a JISC funded project)

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  • The Data Management Rollout at Oxford (DaMaRO) Project is creating a research data management policy for the University and the infrastructure to enable researchers to comply with it. We will be taking the outputs of the various research data management project that the University has been engaged in over the last few years and combining them into a better-integrated suite of tools and discovery mechanisms that will support researchers throughout the data life-cycle, from planning to re-use. Of particular note is the ‘DataFinder’ tool that DaMaRO will be developing. This will enable the discovery of data hosted in various places around the University and beyond, including the Bodleian Libraries’ ‘DataBank’ (developed through the Admiral and DataFlow projects), the Database as a Service (DaaS) system (created during the Sudamih and VIDaaS Projects), departmental and other local data stores, the Web 2 research management network ‘Colwiz’, and hopefully the ‘LabTrove’ system developed by the University of Southampton. It will also connect this data with research papers and publications held in the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA).

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