Posted by: bluesyemre | July 11, 2012

VIDaaS (Virtual Infrastructure with Database as a Service) Project (a JISC funded project)

 JISC LogoUniversity of Oxford Crest
  • The VIDaaS Project has now officially concluded. The ‘Database as a Service’ (DaaS) software that it has created will be available to researchers at the University of Oxford as part of the forthcoming ‘Online Research Database Servcie’ (ORDS), which we hope to launch by September 2012, in time for the next academic year. ORDS will allow research projects with staff at Oxford to swiftly create relational databases that can be edited, searched, and shared online. It will also allow existing databases to be imported, so that they may be shared or further developed. The ORDS will make use of the University’s private cloud and automated back-up system to ensure secure and reliable performance. In the future we will enable users to host their data across selected public cloud networks (to reduce costs) and add support for XML databases along with improved functionality for dealing with images, audio, and multimedia.

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