Posted by: bluesyemre | September 11, 2012

Warsaw University of Technology Main Library by Emre Hasan Akbayrak


The Main Library dates back to 1915, when the Warsaw University of Technology was established. The library’s collection developed around the resources of the Warsaw Institute of Technology, which were saved from being taken to Russia at the outbreak of World War I. A German military hospital was based in the University’s Main Building in 1915, causing extensive damage to the stock and facilities. In the inter-war period the Library expanded at much the same rate as the University and by 1939 contained approximately 78000 volumes and subscribed to 516 scientific journals. In the 1944 Warsaw Uprising the Main Building was gutted by fire and the Main Library was destroyed. Only 3850 volumes were recovered from the ruins in 1945. By 1950, when the Main Building was reconstructed, the Library had managed to bring its facilities, staff levels and collections back to 1939 levels. The Main Library last acquired additional new rooms in 1998, where users have excellent conditions in which to use the Library collection.

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