Posted by: bluesyemre | September 13, 2012

Massive River of 10,000 Discarded Books Rages Through Melbourne

  • If you were in Melbourne this past June, you may have run into a gargantuan installation right on the city streets. For The Light in Winter festival, Spanish art collective Luzinterruptus was commissioned to create a work of art that, quite literally, stopped traffic. 10,000 discarded books, donated by public libraries and collected by the Salvation Army, were lit up and then arranged to look like a massive river overtaking the city. First created in New York, Literature vs Traffic was bigger and better this time, ultimately becoming their largest work to date. On the final night of the installation, visitors were encouraged to take the books home with them. Luzinterruptus has just put out a blog post that shows the public’s curious and oftentimes joyful interaction along with some interesting behind-the-scenes shots. One can’t help but be impressed with how they managed to pull this whole idea off.

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