Posted by: bluesyemre | October 6, 2012

Books described by books, fantastic illustrations by Jonathan Wolstenholme

  • Jonathan Wolstenholme was born in London in 1950 and went to Croydon Art College from 1969 – 1972. Wolstenholme paints exquisitely detailed still lifes of books in watercolour .He is fascinated by the world of antiquarian books and paraphernalia from a bygone age when craftsmanship was highly prized. He works in watercolour in such exquisite detail that it is possible to read every word in the books that he paints. Jonathan has had three one-man shows in London and has exhibited at the Singer and Friedlander Exhibition several times, also at the Discerning Eye Competition at the Mall Galleries winning a prize in 2002.  In 1997 an exhibition of Jonathan’s work was shown in New York at the ‘Works on Paper’ fair. In 2003 he had a joint show with fellow Portal artist George Underwood, this was a great success, Jonathan also took part in an exhibition of Idiosyncratic Portal Artists in Tanglewood, near Boston in 2004 and Portal Painters at the Edinburgh Festival in the same year. Wolstenholme regularly exhibits with Portal at all the major Art Fairs in London and Glasgow. As an illustrator Jonathan has worked for all the major magazines and newspapers using his own brand of quirky humour.


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