Posted by: bluesyemre | October 10, 2012

We The Data (Vibrant Data Project)


  • With every click, tweet, and text, with every digital interaction we collectively generate a torrent of data that has become one of the most abundant and potentially valuable resources on the planet – but for whom? Tweeting from Tahrir Square, or Googling for medical information, is transforming our everyday lives for the better; but we’re also leaving a data trail that has put some of us in prison or denied others of us healthcare. We The Data asked a crowd of experts what is arguably this century’s most important questions: How can we make our data work for us and not against?  Where must we focus our know-how and creativity so the power in our data is democratized and made vibrant with meaning and value for every individual creating it? What emerged is a nexus of Core Challenges, that if solved together, we believe will catalyze the most positive change. Now is your time to be heard, to answer the challenge, to add your voice to the Global conversation:#wethedata. WE ARE DATA. The Arab Spring and Zipcar are part of the same data revolution. How? Right now, data may be what we intentionally share, or what is gathered about us – the product of surveillance and tracking. We are the customer, but our data are the product. How do we balance our anxiety around data with its incredible potential? How do we regain more control over what happens to our data and what is targeted at us as a result? We The Data have the power to topple dictators, or empower them. We The Data can broaden economic opportunity to new, as yet unimagined kinds of entrepreneurs, or further consolidate economic power in the hands of a few large corporations. We The Data can create new forms of social cooperation and exchange, or give us more of the same corporate obsession with better targeted advertising.  It’s up to us: #wethedata

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