Posted by: bluesyemre | October 11, 2012

ProQuest Business Faculty Survey on Use of Non-Journal Resources, ProQuest Publishing and Market Development Organization (August 2011-December 2011) (WHITE PAPER)

  • In August 2011, ProQuest distributed an email invitation to 2,644 business faculty and graduate students asking them to participate in a Zoomerang survey aimed at helping develop a clearer picture of the kinds of content used and valued most in their business research. There were 123 respondents, 102 of whom were tenured professors and 115 of whom worked in the United States. The survey asked researchers to identify the kinds of sources they used in their active research (defined as “activities engaged in while researching a specific topic for publication”) and passive research (defined as “activities engaged in while generating ideas for active research or simply staying current in one’s field”). Respondents could also indicate the kinds of resources used for both or they could indicate thatthey do not use in research. Those surveyed were not asked about use of scholarly journals, as it is an established source and instead focused on other content types about which greater clarity was desired.

White Paper:

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