Posted by: bluesyemre | October 13, 2012

Amazon: don’t blame us for the revolution on the high street

Hot stuff: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, unveils the new Amazon tablet, the Amazon Fire - One day, everyone will have a magic tablet

  • When Jeff Bezos sat down in 1994 to write the business plan for a new website called, he estimated it would take the online bookseller a decade to reach a turnover of $100m. In fact it took, as he puts it “a couple of years”. Although the former hedge fund manager started his own business because he saw the disruptive power of the internet, the man now hailed as Silicon Valley’s greatest visionary “had it down as books only, US only”. Today Amazon employs 70,000 people, turns over $48 billion a year globally and has earnt New Mexico-born Bezos a $21billion fortune. What started as a books business has been transformed by the Kindle ereader, and now sells digital music, films, books, games and more, alongside its still burgeoning selection for delivery that runs from books to clothes and nappies to power tools. Now more than ever it lives up to its name: “Earth’s biggest river; Earth’s biggest selection”.

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