Posted by: bluesyemre | October 24, 2012

Library nurses look after those in need

Library nurses look after those in need

  • PIMA COUNTY PROGRAM, LIKELY THE FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE COUNTRY, IS AIDING PEOPLE WITHOUT SHELTER OR MEDICAL CARE.  A slight man with a stethoscope and black medical bag regularly walks through Tucson’s downtown public library, helping patrons with issues that have nothing to do with books. Daniel Lopez is not a librarian, but one of the nation’s first library nurses. He checks the feet of diabetics, takes blood pressure, gives out condoms and intervenes in medical emergencies. Lopez is Pima County’s novel answer to a common issue in public libraries across the country – a growing number of patrons living without shelter, health insurance, medical care or computer access. They come to the library looking not only for resources, but also for safety and protection from the elements. The shaky economy and high unemployment have further fueled the need.

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