Posted by: bluesyemre | October 28, 2012

Helen Friel’s paper sculptures of Euclid’s Elements make maths charming

Artist Hemel Friel’s gorgeous papercraft sculptures based on mathematician Oliver Byrne’s famous illustrations for the ancient classic Euclid’s Elements. Bonus points for the Mondrian-like aesthetic.

  • In collaboration with Luxe by MOO for the Luxe Project charity exhibit, the Helen Friel Euclid Elements figurines turn mathematics into 3D sculptures. The Luxe Project showcases designs created for the exhibit for a month with 100% of the proceeds going towards charities chosen by the designers, making it a great way for artists to create pieces that give back to the community. Based on Euclid’s Elements, illustrations of mathematical formulas, such as the Pythagorean theorem, the sculpture collection is appropriately titled ‘Here’s Looking at Euclid.’ With her use of red, blue, black, yellow and white color blocking to highlight the various angles, Friel makes these mathematical equations appear attractive and interesting. Look at mathematical equations from all angles with the Helen Friel Euclid Elements figurines.

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