Posted by: bluesyemre | November 2, 2012

Best Databases 2012

  • It’s said that in a recession, people opt for old-world comforts. While in the electronic world there isn’t much that’s old world, the librarians who responded to this year’s call for best-database nominations name some mainstays that are likely to inspire some e-nostalgia. Consumer Reports, CultureGrams, and Guide to Reference are resources we’ve relied upon in libraries for years, and their electronic incarnations are now bringing solid, back-in-the-day reference to the Wikipedia generation. There are some whippersnappers listed here too—game-changers, even—such as online newsstand Zinio and JoVE, the Journal of Video Experiments. In the middle is the bread-and-butter of reference these days: journal and ebook databases that patrons today expect as standard and that librarians can’t imagine how they lived without. If it’s been a while since library school, or if your reference class was a blur of almanacs, encyclopedias, and citation indexes, take a look at Michael F. Bemis’s guide to databases in the sidebar below. Describing resources including the United States Government Internet Directory and Fulltext Sources Online, he makes figuring out which database to use and where to find it a breeze.

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