Posted by: bluesyemre | November 3, 2012

Open Access: pretty unstoppable now

Photo: Gideon Burton

BMC Medicine OA

  • Open Access publishing currently grows at a rate of 1% per year. About 17% of 1.66 million articles indexed by Elsevier’s Scopus is now published in OA. The message to publishers is clear: move fast or perish. It is Open Access Week and this makes it even more apt to have alook at what is really moving in this field. And moving it is. Mikael Laakso (Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki) and Bo-Christer Björk studied the ‘anatomy’ of Open Access publishing by performing a longitudinal study of scholarly journal literature. Their article was published in BMC Medical. The results, in particular the finding that approximately 17% of scholarly journal articles are already now made openly available on the Web within a year by the publishers, should be an important input for the policy discussions on Open Access in venues like the US Congress, the European Commission and the UK Finch Committee that recently published its report with OA-guidelines for British research funders, Laakso thinks.

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