Posted by: bluesyemre | November 7, 2012

3M Makes Its Presence Felt – Series: Exploring Ebook Options

3M ON A ROLL The company launched its Cloud Library platform this summer with special demo events at several libraries. A patron looks at a new 3M Cloud Library Discovery Terminal. Once users have downloaded the 3M app, the terminal offers one-click checkout and holds for ebooks. 3M reps (at. l.) address a multigenerational crowd at Glendale Public Library, CA. Glendale’s (inset, l.–r.) community relations manager Chuck Wike, director Cindy Cleary, and senior administrative analyst Kevin Sarian welcomed the onsite activity at their June event.

  • It was a coup when 3M announced in June, just three months after Penguin Group had severed its relationship with OverDrive, that it had brought Penguin tentatively back into the library ebook fold through a pilot project with the New York Public Library (NYPL) and the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL). The deal typified the way 3M has made its presence felt in the library ebook market, from striking such notable content deals to bringing its considerable experience as a technology company to bear on the development of its 3M Cloud Library platform and hiring away LJ reviews editor Heather McCormack.

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