Posted by: bluesyemre | November 8, 2012

Top Threats to Mobile Computing


Rank of Top Mobile Threats

  1. Data loss from lost, stolen or decommissioned devices
  2. Information-stealing mobile malware
  3.  Data loss and data leakage through poorly written third-party applications
  4.  Vulnerabilities within devices, OS, design and third-party applications. Insecure Wifi network or rogue access points
  5.  Insecure WiFi, network access and rogue access points.
  6. Insecure or rogue marketplaces
  7.  Insufficient management tools, capabilities and access to APIs (includes personas).
  8. NFC and proximity-based hacking.

The results in the Top Threats to Mobile Computing report, which focused on those threats posed by smartphones and tablets, are intended to aid information security professionals and educate the industry about security concerns. In addition to identifying top threats, respondents also indicated a couple of additional concerns with 64 percent of respondents believing that NFC and proximity-based hacking will happen in 2013. Also 81 percent of respondents believe that insecure WiFi and rogue access points are already happening today. This is of particular concern as the proliferation of mobile devices consequently increases the use of and reliance on WiFi networks.

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