Posted by: bluesyemre | November 10, 2012

YouTube versus Vimeo: which one is best for Library marketing?

Vimeo in the style of the YouTube logo

  • Video is a pretty essential format for marketing your library these days, and can be done surprisingly cheaply and easily.  If you’ve produced your videos – whether they’re tutorials, advertising, virtual tours or whatever – then where do you put them to maximise their impact? The answer has to be to put them on a video sharing site. I’ve seen videos in weird formats on Library websites which are either available for download, or require Windows Media Player, or otherwise put a potential barrier in between the user and the video – this is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! Seriously, do not exclude a section of your audience by putting a video online that only works for some people – just stick it on YouTube or Vimeo and then you can embed it wherever you like, in the knowledge that it’ll work for pretty much everyone with an internet connection, AND that there’s the potential for people to discover it externally (as opposed on your website) as well.


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