Posted by: bluesyemre | November 14, 2012

Steven Sinofsky: Microsoft just lost its Steve Jobs

Steven Sinofsky

  • That’s sort of what happened at Microsoft yesterday. In a move nobody predicted, the company announced that Steven Sinofsky, the executive who’d led the development of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet, was leaving the company. These two products represented Microsoft’s D-Day, its bold attempt to beat back Apple’s post-PC invasion. The battle was just getting started. The new Windows and Surface were released just a few weeks ago, and while they’re far from perfect—indeed the Surface, in my opinion, isn’t very good—I thought they represented a courageous new direction for Microsoft. Suddenly, the tech giant was taking necessary risks. It’s betting on innovative software design, it’s proven itself willing to force changes on its base of customers and developers, and it doesn’t care about offending its hardware partners.

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