Posted by: bluesyemre | November 15, 2012

Why Good Libraries are Important for Education

  • The Chicago Tribune reported that three of the nation’s best libraries are in the Chicagoland area. One is in Arlington Heights, the other two in Schaumburg and Naperville. No Chicago libraries did made the list. The three libraries that did make the list have budgets that vary from $5-10 million, and have extensive hours that go from the morning to the late evening. The Arlington Heights library boasts 2.6 million circulations annually. Libraries in the suburbs seemed to be prized possessions and assets to those in the suburbs, but that’s the opposite of how the city feels about the Chicago Public Libraries, which were first on the chopping block for the city’s budget cuts. The cuts to Chicago library staff and hours (libraries were open one less day a week, but later reopened to normal schedules), saved the city $8 million, but harmed the vulnerable populations that need the open, public spaces that libraries provide. Public libraries are some populations only access to computers and the Internet, and many of those that have access at home still go to libraries because they find librarians are a great resource for tech or research assistance.


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