Posted by: bluesyemre | November 16, 2012

How Readers Discover Content in Scholarly Journals (Summary Edition)

  • There have been many studies using web logs that calculate where users of scholarly resources were referred from, but this approach doesn’t indicate where those users started their research, merely the details of the last “hop” before hitting a content website. Discovery of academic content is complex with a plethora of discovery resources to choose from and many different routes to take. This report is the output of a large scale survey about journal content discovery conducted during May, June and July of 2012. Over 19,000 responses were received from all over the world from readers in many different sectors, job roles and subject areas. The research repeats two earlier studies performed in 2005 by Scholarly Information Strategies (for whom the authors were consultants) and in 2008 by the authors. The subtle shifts in reader preferences over time provide a valuable insight into reader navigation, the features that readers find useful in publisher web sites, and the role and effectiveness of library technologies. The 2012 survey was also updated to include questions about search engine preference and app use.

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