Posted by: bluesyemre | December 1, 2012

The National Geologic Map Database

  • When the U.S. Geological Survey was established in 1879, the main purpose of the Survey was defined by law to be the making of a geologic map of the United States, in order to assess and classify the Nation’s geological structure and natural resources. Since that time, the Nation’s needs for geologic information have grown much more diverse to include, for example, natural and environmental hazards, and human health and safety. At the same time, the need to provide this information to the public quickly and efficiently has become imperative. In 1992 the Geologic Mapping Act was enacted by Congress. This Act requires the USGS and the state geological surveys (represented by the Association of American State Geologists) to build a “national archive” of standardized geoscience map information, the National Geologic Map Database. As the Act intended, the NGMDB has long served the public’s need for quick access to publications, data, and information about the Nation’s geology.


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