Posted by: bluesyemre | December 11, 2012

Why Academics Create the Best E-Texts by Jennifer Funk

  • When Katherine Rowe’s students study Shakespeare’s The Tempest, they highlight passages and share them on Facebook, read commentary from leading Shakespearean scholars, and listen as professional actors bring Prospero to life one way, and then with subtle changes in tone and expression, a completely different way. They do all of this, iPad in hand, thanks not — as you might expect — to some enterprising publishing company, but thanks instead to an innovative entrepreneur with a thing for the bard: their own professor, Dr. Rowe. When Rowe, professor of English at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, and Elliott Visconsi, associate professor of English at Notre Dame, co-designed The Tempest iPad app, they did more than re-imagine a single play, they re-imagined reading.

Shakespeare’s The Tempest:

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