Posted by: bluesyemre | December 14, 2012

MOOCAS (the Massively Open Online Course Advisory Service), a revolutionary disruptive way to discover free online learning opportunities, is now open to the public. Speaking at a glitzy launch event in fashionable central Bristol, David Kernohan (founder, CEO, CTO) said:

“for weeks now, people have been unable to find free online courses. This explains the disappointingly low enrolment on things like Coursera and that other one. By allowing learners to search elegantly and simply, and by providing advice and guidance from the UKs leading MOOC expert that isn’t Martin Weller, Dave White, Lou McGill, Jonathan Worth or any of the other ones we can ensure learners can find the right course for them. Now, how about some more wine?”

Glamorous PR consultant and totally a real person Samantha Madeupname added:

“MOOCAS is a disruptive game changer which is a real shot across the bows of the antiquated MOOC business. We’re already in talks with a number of venture capitalists who are offering substantial sums – two figures! – for a stake in the UK’s fastest growing MOOC start up. Basically it’s all hype and we’re just doing a press release because we might get a bit of coverage in the Chronicle. And wine.”

MOOCAS has a cloud based infrastructure based around a responsive open source architecture, allowing us to offer an API via an established service. Are these still the right buzzwords? Anyway, it’s all technically very lovely.


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