Posted by: bluesyemre | December 16, 2012

Troy Carter, The Man behind Lady Gaga’s Big Data

  • There’s always a brain behind a successful person–be a normal man, woman, or a celebrity. Same goes for Lady Gaga, whose manager Troy Carter is the brain behind Gaga’s gigantic brand image. He’s the man who made Lady Gaga the subject two studies at Harvard Business School. Undoubtedly, his phenomenal intellect has made him one of our generation’s great entrepreneurs. Carter is actually leveraging the highly lucrative field of information technology called Big Data. As he says,

“If your biggest client has more than 31 million Twitter followers and over 51 million Facebook likes – more than any person on the planet – you would naturally think about big data: Who are these people and how do you make money and promote your star out of their social media accounts?”


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