Posted by: bluesyemre | January 7, 2013

Knovel Acquisition by Elsevier


1. What is the scope of the deal?
Elsevier has purchased Knovel in its entirety.
2. Were there multiple bidders?
Yes, there were several.
3. Why did Knovel investors decide to sell to Elsevier?
Knovel was not looking to sell and was aggressively investing in its business. We were approached by several potential acquirers because of the market’s growth potential and Knovel’s leading position. This presented an attractive opportunity to partner and grow the business much faster and more aggressively than we would on our own. Knovel investors and management believe that the partnership with Elsevier would benefit our customers, investors and employees to the greatest extent vs. other potential partners.
4. How will Knovel customers benefit from this acquisition?
Knovel and Elsevier have a shared vision of delivering trusted answers to engineers at the point of need. At the same time the two organizations have a lot of complementary strengths. In due course, Knovel customers will benefit from expanded global reach as well as increased investment in the Knovel’s platform and its functionality. Elsevier can also expand Knovel’s content base through its high-quality pool of engineering content: proprietary engineering books and references, journals, patents, and datasets offering Knovel customer a one-stop-shop for a variety of technical information.
5. What is the value of the transaction?
The financial details of the transaction will not be disclosed.
6. Is the transaction finalized?
7. When will the deal take effect?
Immediately, Knovel has now formally been merged into the Reed Elsevier group of businesses.

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