Posted by: bluesyemre | January 9, 2013

Books&Print Sandbox

  • Books&Print Sandbox is supporting eight ground-breaking collaborations between creative economy partners and academic researchers to explore Books and Print as historical, contemporary or future phenomena. Books and Print are technologies that have reformatted and crossed platforms throughout history, copied first by hand and then changed by the printing press for mass reproduction. With the advent of digital printing technologies our concept of text as a fixed object is more challenged and more malleable than ever. In 2010,the Publishing Association Year Book reported that total book sales in the UK amounted to £3.1bn, with digital book sales increasing by 38% to reach a total value of £180m. The production of books, newspaper and magazines is changing rapidly, in terms of product, distribution and business models, yet so far only a few publishers have had commercial success with products like Touch Press’ Wasteland app.

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