Posted by: bluesyemre | January 9, 2013

Dr. Hakan Gürsu and His Team (METU) Win Three Different Awards in Green Dot Awards 2012

Dr. Hakan Gürsu of our university’s Architecture Faculty Industrial Design Department and his team won three different awards in the competition Green Dot Awards 2012, which is regarded as the “environmental oscars” in the field.

Dr. Gürsu and his team placed;

  • Second with “Living Pots” which is designed to reduce tree consumption in plant growing and cultivation and are sustainable cultivation units that are comprised of %100 recyclable and reused materials. Made out of simple bent metal pieces and scrap pieces of log, product is flat-packed and can be easily assembled. Enabling energy and space efficiency, it is a living pot for both personal and industrial use.
  • Second with Twist, a sustainable water kettle with zero water loss. It preserves water by inner circulation, therefore provides water, energy and time efficiency. Twist does not waste water and saves energy by reducing process time.
  • Second in the category of Transportation with SurfSail42, a sailing vessel which is designed for both single and dual usage allowing both sailing and surfing. It can be used for training, entertainment and professional purposes. Either for learning, professional sports or fun, SurfSail42 transforms surf sailing concept by offering a social windsurf experience or a sailing time together.

In addition to getting 3 of the 14 awards given in the category of Products, Designnobis Team led by Dr. Hakan Gürsu received a mention in the Conceptual category with V-Tent Solar Powered Car Charging and Protecting Unit. Also known as the “Environmental Oscars”, Green Dot Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the world and started in 2008 with the intention to emphasize the sensitivity of the environmental consciousness on the products and introduce those elected environment-friendly products.

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