Posted by: bluesyemre | January 10, 2013

Ask a Librarian About the Odd Things Happening at Libraries

  • There’s a piece in the Wall Street Journal today about the changing nature of libraries, as not just places where people find and check out books, but as community rec centers in themselves. As Owen Fletcher writes, “In an age where people use search engines instead of reference books and download novels on Kindles and iPads, some public libraries are taking extreme measures to stay relevant.” He offers up some examples, like a hog-butchering demonstration at a Kansas library — “‘If you can butcher a hog in a library, then all sorts of other things become possible,’ says Sean Casserley, a new county librarian for Overland Park, who dreamed up the idea” — as well as Zumba classes, holiday shopping seminars, blacksmithing and fly fishing demonstrations, and more. There was even a Star Wars Day at a library in Illinois, full of costumes and games, and there’s regular virtual bowling, by way of Wii, at another Illinois library.

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