Posted by: bluesyemre | January 17, 2013

Laurence Jones (The youngest and freshest guitarist of the Brit-blues-rock boom)

  • Thunder In The Sky is an album that draws on the past but looks to a brighter future. It’s a successful meeting of tightly structured songs and unfettered passion channelled into well crafted arrangements. In many respects Laurence mirrors the younger Winwood in his Spencer Davis Days, a natural talent blossoming in a bluesy environment but with his own songs. The key to the album’s success is the scamless shift of the power trio’s live set from the stage to the studio. The opening rat-tat-tat drum break projects us into the tension-building Bad Girl and the band barely look back, exploring a poppy chorus on I’m Not Sticking Around and offering a funky tip of the hat Oli Brown on Too Good. Laurence’s keen sense of dynamics infuses the tightly wrapped guitar work on Gotta Get Back Up which cleverly evokes the self-aaffirming lyrics. Best of all is the smouldering title track, on which he fuses the deft touch of the younger Peter Green with Bonamassa-style vocals. It’s an impressive calling card.

Gotta Get Back Up:

Too Good:

The Thrill Is Gone:

Thunder In The Sky:

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