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Reflections and Perspectives on Discovery Services, ODI (The Open Discovery Initiative) Survey Report

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  • The ODI working group was formed in late 2011 and held its first meeting in January 2012. This fall, the ODI dispatched a survey of librarians, content providers, and discovery service providers to learn more about the current state of satisfaction with these new research tools and to measure the value of various requirements in cross-sector practice. The survey addressed current levels of scholarly metadata delivery / indexing, technical successes / opportunities in these data exchanges, and potential benefits of greater development / distribution of discovery tool usage data. From September 11 through October 4, 2012, more than 2,000 individuals were contacted by ODI members and NISO staff to recruit participation in this survey (drawing on NISO’s Newsline email list and registrants of 17 industry mailing lists). Cross-sector contributors were targeted for participation, drawing primarily on those based in the United Stated and the United Kingdom. A total of 871 completed survey responses were logged: 782 identified as librarians; 74 identified as publishers; and 15 identified as discovery service providers.

Full Report:

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