Posted by: bluesyemre | January 24, 2013

Let’s Make Those Book Chapters Open Too!

  • Following the launch of ‘Translational Bioinformatics’, a PLOS Computational Biology collection presented as an online book, in December 2012, PLOS Computational Biology Founding Editor-in-Chief Phil Bourne discusses how open access can boost the availability and prominence of book chapters. As authors, many of us have had less than satisfactory experiences in writing book chapters as part of a themed volume, or textbook that, when published, are expensive, inaccessible and cited and used infrequently through lack of availability [1]. It could even be argued we write them from some sense of obligation and need, but do not put our best science and efforts into them because we know they won’t be read and hence cited. Putting that thought aside, let’s just say that a lot of good science goes underutilized. Some finds its way into journal reviews and journals that specialize in such content, for example the Elsevier Current Opinions series, but much languishes. I, many of the PLOS editors, and the PLOS management have long wanted this situation to change; well now it has.

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