Posted by: bluesyemre | January 28, 2013

Northwestern Completes Digitization of 16th Century Library

Digitized Collections

  • The works in this new digital library include first printings of works by Erasmus and Dürer, among them Dürer’s famous treatise on human proportions, Vier Bücher von menschlicher Proportion of 1528, the earliest work to apply the study of human anatomy to aesthetics. It was not published until six months after Dürer’s death, and it bears a verse epitaph composed by Dürer’s close friend, Nuremberg humanist Willibald Pirckheimer, which can be read here in the original. Another famous book in the new digitized collection is Lucretius’s De rerum natura (“On the Nature of Things”) of 1512, one of the most influential poetic and philosophical works of the Renaissance. The rediscovery, publication, and impact of this work of the 1st century BC is the subject of Shakespearean scholar Stephen Greenblatt’s recent bestselling book, The Swerve: How the World Became Modern (2011).

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