Posted by: bluesyemre | February 16, 2013

Inkling (Interactive books for iPad, iPhone and the web)

  • All Inkling titles are now available for iPad, iPhone, PC & Mac. From free chapters to full titles, everything syncs between devices in real time. All Inkling titles are as much as 40% cheaper, and you can buy by the chapter, for only a few bucks each. We think it’s just common cents. Save time flipping back and forth to look stuff up. From search to glossary, everything you need is ready at the tap of a finger. Every chapter comes with quizzes and self-assessment tools so when exam time comes, you’ll know you’re ready. Inkling content is handcrafted for iPad and the web, with high resolution images, audio, and video you won’t find anywhere else. Who says learning can’t delight? Introducing the world’s best study group, now in your book. Follow anyone using your book, see their notes and highlights in real time, create running discussions anywhere, and star the most helpful notes.

Inkling makes its Google-friendly digital publishing tools free to everyone:

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