Posted by: bluesyemre | February 22, 2013

ANKOS Publisher Application System and Its Impact on the e-Resource Evaluation Process

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  • The Publisher Application System (PAS) is a Web-based archiving and online evaluation system developed by the Database Evaluation Group (DEG), one of the working groups formed within the Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS). The DEG was formed in 2008 to inquire and evaluate e-resources suited to the needs of the consortium; to follow up similar consortial activities worldwide as well as developments in connection with the scientific publishing industry; and to determine, implement, and improve pricing models in accordance with the prevailing economic, legal, and academic system. Development of the PAS was essential to ensure standardization and sustainability towards a more detailed and effective analysis of e-resources qualifying for evaluation by ANKOS. The PAS played an important part not only in establishing and defining the workflow of the DEG, but also in creating an archive of both the e-resources submitted to the consortium and the applicant publishers/agents submitting these resources. This article outlines the process that started with the foundation of the DEG through the formation of the PAS as well as the present setup of the system. It is also hoped that this case study will have a positive contribution to the processes being followed by the persons and the groups engaged in similar activities.

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