Posted by: bluesyemre | February 27, 2013

Hadden Sayers – Rolling Soul (Release date February 26, 2013)

1. Don’t take your love out on me
2. Unlucky
3. That’s what you do
4. Lay down our worries
5. Crazy Enough
6. Alone with the Blues
7. Insomniac Blues
8. Something wrong in the World tonight
9. The man I’m supposed to be
10. Tippin’ in
11. Having You (for my baby)
12. Can’t get you off my mind
13. Want what you have


  • 2013 album from the Houston-based Blues guitarist. Rolling Soul picks up where the critically successful Hard Dollar left off. With a deep reverence for Retro-American Soul infused with wah-wah drenched stinging guitar the album strikes quickly and takes no prisoners. Says Hadden: “I wrote songs in every form of transportation possible” Sayers said from his home in Central Ohio. “planes, trains, cruise ships, rental cars….even a motorcycle!”

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