Posted by: bluesyemre | March 6, 2013

SENSE Benchmarks for Publication Output, 2007-2013

  • As a national research school with international ambition, SENSE uses standards to assess the quality of the scientific output. Such performance standards are important as a yardstick for the evaluation of the overall progress of the School; as a benchmark for the membership of researchers and institutes in the School; and as a jointly agreed comparative measurement for the 6-year external evaluation of institutes and research departments. SENSE has developed a first set of performance criteria in 2006. These criteria have met some criticism from the SENSE community, and the School has decided to adjust the system. Drafts of the (modest) adjustments have been circulated to all research group leaders of SENSE, and many comments and suggestions have been incorporated. This final system of the ‘SENSE Benchmarks’ has been approved by the SENSE General Board. It is valid for the period 2007-2013. SENSE distinguishes between A, B, and C journals, and for books between A, B, and C publishers.

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