Posted by: bluesyemre | March 15, 2013

International Press of Boston (Publishers of scholarly mathematics journals and books)

  • International Press of Boston, Inc. is an academic publishing company founded in 1992, and based in Somerville, Massachusetts (adjacent to Cambridge). IP publishes fifteen journals dealing with various fields of academic mathematics research, including a journal of statistics. IP also publishes high-level mathematics and mathematical physics book titles, including monographs, textbooks, and more. International Press draws its editors and authors from a worldwide network of talent which includes many of the most notable and important mathematicians in their respective fields.


  1. A fellow blogger here, found your site via Fork, and I have a piece of advice: write more.

    Literally, it appears like you relied on the video
    to drive your point home. It’s clear you know a lot, so why not use your knowledge to write something more significant and put the video as something secondary (if there at all)?


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