Posted by: bluesyemre | March 20, 2013

The Glenlivet (Single Malt Scotch Whisky)

  • Some 500 million years ago a series of volcanic eruptions gave violent birth to the Scottish Highlands, which are among the oldest rock formations on Earth. Millions of years later, retreating Ice Age glaciers gouged out the glens, with vast rivers of melted snow smoothing the granite slopes. Unnamed and untamed, Glenlivet was created. A wild, primeval place surrounded by forbidding mountains, its isolated location guaranteed its seclusion. In time, the glen as we know it today took shape. Only the icy waters of the River Livet – or “smooth-flowing one” – softened its bleak contours. Nature had created the perfect environment for producing whisky. A whisky that would live up to its name.

The Film:

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