Posted by: bluesyemre | March 28, 2013

The 10 plagues of mobile

  1. Unfettered BYOD: Literally bring any device, including that Barnes & Noble Nook, to get email and read your PDFs. Now, the help desk never shuts down.
  2. Expense management: Do I give a subsidy? Are there tax implications? How much and to whom?
  3. Device liability: Should I go with personal liability or corporate liability? Wait, now I need the lawyers — sigh.
  4. Content management: You put the data where? Everyone is using every possible sharing mechanism. Where is our data now?
  5. Battery life: We need to put charging stations where? How many of those external batteries did the business just order?
  6. Nonubiquitous network: The carrier map showed that its service works everywhere. What do you mean you can’t get data in the building?
  7. Lousy autocorrect: What did you just call my mother?
  8. Maps: What do you mean the office isn’t there? Didn’t you use Apple Maps? There’s a swamp? Look harder.
  9. OCM (obsessive-compulsive mobility): The phone isn’t in my pocket,  but I still feel it vibrating. I know we’re having a conversation, but I need to check my device.
  10. Crapplications: We gave you an app, so what do you mean it doesn’t work? You uninstalled it? Why? But the auditors …It was only after the 10th plague arose that IT found a way to partner with the business and the users to enable them to be more flexible and agile while being more productive and efficient. Still, there are a few that didn’t respond, you can’t really find them anymore. You all know the story of the parting of the Red Sea: If you keep saying no, you won’t survive very long.

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