Posted by: bluesyemre | April 3, 2013

6 Bookless Libraries by Ellyssa Kroski


  • As space and budget concerns continue to grow, many libraries are opting to forego building their print collections in favor of providing electronic resources. This new trend toward building digital libraries has been developing over the past several years in spite of the controversy over eliminating print materials. Many people have spoken out against bookless libraries, especially with regard to public libraries, stating that the digital divide will keep many from using library resources and as well as the fact that many publishers won’t sell their publications to libraries in eBook format. What are your opinions about bookless libraries in the public and academic sectors? Here are six bookless libraries to start the conversation.


  1. I still can’t ‘scroll’ as naturally as I ‘flick’. I like to have screen and paper in my library.


  2. […] 6 Bookless Libraries by Ellyssa Kroski ( […]


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