Posted by: bluesyemre | April 10, 2013

Ten Easy Pieces on the Profession of Librarianship by Barbara Fister

  • There are plenty of reasons to be downhearted about things. Google Reader is going away, reminding us all that many of our favorite digital tools are not really ours at all. Our private lives have become products and there’s no place to hide. Serials prices keep going up. Higher education is underfunded, under assault, and unaffordable. Income inequality is worse than it’s been in my lifetime. The bankers who brought us the great recession are making out like bandits, bandits who haven’t yet been arrested and probably won’t be. Yet we’re constantly being told by overpaid campus leadership that we need to operate more like a business. You mean, like those ones that are laying workers off, hoarding cash, and paying their CEOs crazy amounts of money? Somehow, I don’t see that act-like-a-business thing working out for us.

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