Posted by: bluesyemre | May 2, 2013

Libraries learn to love e-books

Libraries learn to love e-books


  • For many years students and researchers used computers to access journals but still had to make the journey to their institution library to search out books on the shelves. The uptake of e-books in recent years has changed that, of course, and now e-books form a significant part of the collection plans of librarians in universities and elsewhere. ‘We have a policy to purchase the digital version of a book, if one is available, unless a library patron specifically requests the print version,’ noted Mark England, collection development librarian at the University of Utah, USA. This story is echoed elsewhere in the world and in different types of institution. ‘Our college library is changing acquisition policies in line with modern trends. From the coming year onwards, we are going to devote 20 to 30 per cent of our acquisition budgets towards purchasing e-books,’ said Gurpreet Singh Sohal, librarian at GGD SD College Library in India. ‘In our acquisitions, we are going to follow required reading lists and purchase e-books that are prescribed in the syllabus as essential reading.’

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