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ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier)

Scope of ISNI

The International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) is an ISO standard (ISO 27729) that identifies public identities of parties. Essentially, this means the identities used publicly by individuals or organizations involved in creating, producing, managing and distributing content. The ISNI system uniquely and authoritatively identifies Public Identities across multiple fields of creative activity. ISNI provides a tool for disambiguating Public Identities that might otherwise be confused (such as Michele Smith the female singer, and Michele (Italian form of “Michael”) Smith the male author). The ISNI is not intended to provide direct access to comprehensive information about a Public Identity – instead, it’s a tool that can provide links to other systems where such information is held.

A Public Identity is the name by which a Party is publicly known. For example, Lewis Caroll is the Public Identity of a natural person called Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.

A Party can be a natural person (a human being), a legal entity (such as a registered company) or even a fictional character such as Peter Pan.

Below are some of the basic allocation rules of ISNI:

  • Each Public identity of a given Party shall have its own ISNI. For example Lewis Caroll shall be assigned an ISNI and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson another ISNI
  • Günter Graß, Guenter Grass and Guenter Graß are character set variances of the same Public Identity
  • Ciaikovsky, Pjotr Iljc and Пётр Ильич Чайковский are transliteration variances of the same public identity and also receive the same ISNI
  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Peter Tchaikovsky are linguistic variances of the same public identity and again receive the same ISNI

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