Posted by: bluesyemre | May 13, 2013

Facebook Is About To Launch A Huge Play In ‘Big Data’ Analytics

Mark Zuckerberg


  1. The difference is, If the users are not happy Zuckerbeg is dead in the water.
    In contrast we just posted this last evening:
    GOOGLE+ Why We Left Facebook and Never Looked Back
    The Public Relations, Marketing and Communications fields are result driven. We cannot speak directly about all fields but for those we are engaged, our client base is encompasses, International Relations, Public Diplomacy, Culture and Culinary Arts, Music, Tourism and Travel, Religion, Government Systems, Community Affairs, Non-Profits, Celebrities and Personalities; the power of GOOGLE+ at our finger tips is second to none. Obviously, there are other fields but we would have to speak about them in generalizations because they are outside of our focus.

    The GOOGLE+ superior operating platform, applications, usability, analytics, reach and Google works with you, they want your business unlike the prevailing Facebook attitude that you work for them.

    GOOGLE+ offers you audience reach without all the clutter and noise found on Facebook. There is noticeable lack of ‘The Jerry’ in and among a significant portion of discussions. While no system is perfect there is a civility among GOOGLE+ users overall that is refreshing to experience.

    In Public Relations, Marketing and Communications we must always be ahead of the curve. One of the complaints concerning GOOGLE+ is exactly why we are on it and get our clients on it. Just as MySpace became a morass, Facebook has become an extremely costly quagmire.


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