Posted by: bluesyemre | May 17, 2013

Nine simple ways to make it easier to (re)use your data

  • Sharing data is increasingly considered to be an important part of the scientific process. Making your data publicly available allows original results to be reproduced and new analyses to be conducted. While sharing your data is the first step in allowing reuse, it is also important that the data be easy understand and use. We describe nine simple ways to make it easy to reuse the data that you share and also make it easier to work with it yourself. Our recommendations focus on making your data understandable, easy to analyze, and readily available to the wider community of scientists.

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  2. I agree fully, if I only had a brain! I dissected a frog is school. He looked well! Does that count? Thank you for that like on my blog. Could you leave me a comment so people know I’m alive? Funny video BTW! I set your blog to follow you… Looks interesting. Your funny clown nose had something to do with it too.



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